breaking binding sex pattern (2017)

performance and sound for aluminium foil, contact microphone, guitar amplifier and human

the performance opens with a long piece of aluminium foil suspended by threads from the ceiling, with a piezo mic attached at the top end and the human sitting in front of it. the piezo mic should be connected to a functioning guitar amplifier. the foil is painted with beet juice.

the human ties his own hands. he initially breathes against the foil, then proceeds to crumple and crease the foil with his mouth and feet.

once the human cannot crumple any longer he proceeds to untie himself. he blindfolds himself and ties his hands again.

the human now attempts to uncrumple the foil without the use of his eyes or hands.

once the human cannot uncrumple any longer he rips the foil with his teeth.

the performance ends with the again sitting human and the crumpled and ripped aluminium foil. the human is now also painted with beet juice.

the performance attempts among other things to simulate human issues resulting from the unidirectionality of time and the tendency to be one’s own greatest obstacle.