hyperlimbic resonance field 478 (2019)

Aktualisiert: 31. Mai 2020

in the wake of images of

burning universities

a million cameras

a million curators

the most engaging content

leaves you flattened

amidst an assemblage of iconic objects silently lies a dark figure. their attempts to calm themselves through breathing exercise reveals their glowing enmeshment with these signs of upheaval.

hyperlimbic resonance field 478 points to the visceral connection experienced by native digital cyborgs to their hyperreal-hypervirtual environment. the constant presence of newsfeeds and livestreams, constantly liked and shared to let the most unsettling rise to the top. their emotional experience is intergrown with online opinionmaking filtered through the distributed and algorithmic curatory processes of the attention economy.

the performance symbolically depicts a contemporary cyborg trying to calm themselves whilst inundated in the deluge of protest-related social media coverage during the fall months of 2019.