binaural sonic amateur porn

(audio available upon request)

Three sex acts were recorded by the artist using the Sennheiser Ambeo Smart Headset. The recordings were displayed in a secluded space illuminated by pink fluorescent lights.

The self-identification as porn paired with the raw, non-visual, aural-VR presentation of the piece transports the listener into an in-between space - the visually bland interface mimicks porn sites in layout, yet eschews any sort of visual eroticism. The binaural audio itself creates a strange sensation of intimacy, presence, there-ness that is sometimes erotic, but never really porn-ish. It puts the listener in the position of one of the performers without ever disclosing their identity or gender. The piece asks questions of purpose and demarcation of pornography and inundates the listener with a distinctly queer-cyborg notion of sexuality.