.recalibrate (2017)


On a techno dance floor, the pounding beat and flashing lights control the dancer’s movements and make it almost impossible to move outside of the beat grid. In .recalibrate, it is the other way around: my dance controls the sound and lights. In electronic music production, the generation of sound is deconstructed into several constituent parts that can be manipulated and automated individually, at the cost of immediate expressivity. In .recalibrate, while I use the same methods of sound generation, these are all directly controlled by my motions - via sensors and microcontrollers that transmit data over wifi. By using these means in such a way, I am able to get more intimate with the performance - essentially becoming an instrument of near-unlimited expressive potential. Instead of using technology as a means of deconstruction and alienation, my desire is to use it to potentiate what I can express at any given moment. Instead of using it to prearrange a perfect system and press play, I am creating a space of possibilities that is somewhere between choreography and pure improvisation. Instead of growing ever more suspicious of the dangers of technology, I choose to become one with it.

.recalibrate reflects the simultaneous beauty and arrogance of literal cyborgisation, treading new territory by positioning the cyborg not only as a human with new senses and increased mental capacities, but a human with an orders-of-magnitude-increased expressivity, simultaneously deeply enmeshed and alienated by their liberation.