Tat Roulette (2020)

in collaboration with Gaia Del Santo, @waszumgaia

temporary QR code tattoos on visitors’ skins

A collection of URLs were crowdsourced from instagram followers. Turned into QR codes linking to a wide variety of websites - spanning the mundane, the disturbing, the fantastical and the obnoxious; manifestos, popup ad sites, youtube rabbit holes - these QR codes were offered as temporary tattoos to visitors of the exhibition.

No visitors tried scanning the codes before they were applied to their skin. Considerable effort was spent by many to try and get the codes to scan properly, despite difficulties due to skewed application.

The collective performance points to an aesthetic of the hyperlinked, where being linked is more important than what any given link points to. As content is fluid and constantly reinvented in the name of attention capital, curative and randomizing practices feed into the desire for novelty in new, gamified ways.