.transdigest (2019)

metaorganismic cyborg installative performance for human and a mycelium of the species Coprinus comatus.

photographs by www.andrekrysl.com

videos by http://www.tomiyasuhayahisa.com/

and an anonymous spectator

fungal intramycelial bioelectrical fluctuations and human EEG are measured in realtime and translated into data. this data is used to play a sonic, motive and luminous performance that spans a large area. fungus and human play a disembodied duet in sound, light and motion. special attention is given to not only translating their biosignals directly, but also translating their interrelation.

the piece dissolves boundaries of body, individual and artistic categorization. as bodies and their fields of influences expand and intersect, so does the piece not concern itself with the question of whether it is a performance, a sound piece or an installation. it posits the cyborg not as a hyperindividualized superhero, but as a disembodied fluid spectre, slipping into and out of individuality at will and intermixing with other, perhaps entirely alien cyborgs.